Saturday, September 30, 2006

HH Week in Review

Another new feature for Hardball Heaven! (Can you tell I've completely checked out of baseball season?) Every Saturday morning - or thereabouts - I'll throw up a list of links from some of the best of the Web from the previous week, mixed in with some biting, edgy commentary. Hey, if Kim Etheridge can get a job with one of the most high-profile NFL players as his publicist, I can be a year-round blogger. For the record, I do not believe T.O. That span of 24 hours encapsulated every thing that's wrong with sports in America today.

* Bill Simmons, ESPN's Sports Guy, takes a hard one on the chin from the proprietors of Kissing Suzy Kolber in this absolute must-read. (Scroll down till you see Simmons' mug) As a long-time reader of Simmons - I remember reading his live blogs in e-mail style when he was just starting out back in the mid-1990s - I have always enjoyed his skills. His old site at Digital City Boston was pioneering, and when he was on -- his Roger Clemens as the Anti-Christ story comes to mind - he was really on. But his affiliation and higher profile with ESPN has caused some problems for him. He's almost become too big for his own good - with the stupid cartoon he attempted, the recycled columns, and the frequent references to his friends and family. Bottom line - I still read the guy, but he's become a bit insufferable. Witness his painfully long ESPN chat from this past week.

* Deadspin is another daily stop, and this post regarding comments made by Giants offensive (and I do mean 'offensive') lineman Bob Whitfield is a classic laugh-out-loud example. Suzy Kolber, thanks to an inebriated Joe Namath, is officially a Web legend.

* According to the sassy gals at the Boston Herald's most popular feature - the gossip column "Inside Track" - the E! TV network is planning an expose on athletes who aren't completely faithful to their wives. Former Sox hurler Derek Lowe will be one of the subjects. Hoo ha. Think the girls at On the DL are psyched?

* Will he or won't he? The annual guessing game as to whether the mercurial Manny Ramirez will be back next season has begun. TV broadcaster Jerry Remy - who obviously spends a lot of time around the team - weighed in with some telling thoughts this week on the local sports radio station. (Scroll down)

* All this talk about Tom Brady's "body language" is killing me. The guy signed for less money to be on a winner, and now he's throwing passes to Moe, Larry, and Curly. Wouldn't you be pissed too?

* Has there ever been a bigger choke job than what this year's Cardinals are pulling off in the NL Central? Even our beloved Red Sox are exempt.

* And last but not least, type the name 'Vida Guerra' into your Google search field, click on the third link, and make sure to thank me tomorrow.

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