Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Odds & Ends

Didn't want to let too much more time pass before I posted this awesome shot of Big Papi riding in a police sidecar during the team's visit to DC a couple weeks ago. Classic.

Incredible story of the golfer who hit an endangered hawk. Guy was annoyed with the constant chirping, took a swing, and got (un)lucky. Reminds me of a story from way back, when Bobby Jam saw a plump little gopher crossing the fairway, took out a low iron, and whoommmmmmmppp. Will never forget that sound. I think the gopher lived to laugh about it.

As usual, Bob Ryan is dead on with his column today about the over-the-top reaction to Brett Favre's retirement. Favre's Hall-bound, but he's never been a candidate for the Mount Rushmore of QB's.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, Tom Verducci explores whether a certain sidecar-riding DH will be Cooperstown material some day.

Roger Goodell's announced intention to crack down on league-wide cheating/spying will add fuel to the fire of those of us who've been saying all along that a lot of teams are involved in this activity. Not saying it's right, but it is what it is. If 'Spygate' goes nowhere - and it's been pretty quiet for a while, much to the irritation of ESPN the Tabloid - I hope Bob Kraft files a massive defamation/libel lawsuit.

I need your help. I'm in a three-keeper fantasy baseball league and my candidates for keeping are Ichiro ($29), Corey Hart ($1), Magglio Ordonez ($8), Troy Tulowitzki ($1), and Erik Bedard ($10).. Which three would you hold on to? Right now, I'm thinking Maggs, Bedard and Hart, but I'm waffling...

Oh, and one more thing. I love me some Scarlett, but I've always been partial to Cherize. Look at those teeth.

3 keeper league??? dont know about but learned a lesson from a man name hicks....its all about the numbers not the emotion.....maggs/ichiro/tulo...much depth in sp....maine,perez,valaquez....zambrano...many many
I've heard about that Hicks guy, and he sounds like a genius. I've heard he's pretty good at cribbage too! The key to auction leagues is that it's all about value. Ichro is barely a good value at 29. No way. Ordonez is a pretty good value at 8, but not as good a value as Hart, Tulo and Bedard. Go with Tulo over Mags because of position. Plus, they both had the same number of HRs over the 2nd half, 15.
True on Ichiro but my thought process is that SB's are always so damn tough to chase. I think I agree with your assessment though you're being far too kind to that rum-drenched guy Hicks. He's way overrated.
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Jam nailed that gopher about 75 yards out with a low liner 3-wood. Swear to god.
LOVE Charlize!!! Definitely in my top 5, maybe top 3. She's got a little Lisa Goulemas in her in this shot:
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