Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Justin Case

Man, the Sox' pitching depth is truly showing after the last couple of days, eh? Last night, Justin Masterson (right) made another spot start and once again pitched very well. Even better, the bullpen didn't give it up this time and the kid gets his first MLB victory. Methinks young Mr. Masterson might be our 7th-8th inning answer before too long. Sox win 2-1, and tonight we get to see if Bartolo Colon can give us anything.

Oh yeah - there was another game going on in town last night. The Celtics opened up against Detroit, and if you didn't know better you would have sworn the Pistons had just finished up a grueling 7-game series. The Celts had the fresh legs and Detroit looked old. Garnett and Rondo were the offensive stars and Ray Allen continued to shoot like a blind man. In the end, C's win 88-79. Game 2 is tomorrow night.

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