Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is Gonna Be a Good One

So I'm sitting here in ample family room, with my ample arse parked on my ample sofa, next to my ample buddy Bopper, and we're watching Game 3 of the Finals. First quarter is almost over, and the Celts have survived some Laker momentum. Nice play just now with Kobe going behind the back to the Spanish Slug, who got a Mr. Wilson sandwich in his face from KG. This has got all the earmarks of a good one. You boys out there? This is live TV, dammit...

hey look at me. i'm blogging. i'm barack obama jam. i'm so jacked i left my viagra at home. i took the over. f'g first qtr sucked. my lady talked me out of putting money on the c's at +9 by guilting me out of it. f'g bitty.
attaboy, bobbaloo. sorry i didn't get back to you - i woulda said take the c's and the 9
bopper actually brought his laptop over to participate in our gay little session here, but we can't get him connected to the web
tell bopper since he can't blog to get off the couch and get jam a brew.
pj brown, the veteran giving farmar the manny-to-youk treatment. slap that bitch. light a fire under this team. and who passed up that open look?
topic: worst racial slurs uttered on TV...

we're discussing al campanis and jimmy the greek -- thoughts?
i can't comment on-line about my thoughts.
Phil Jackson pees sitting down
i'm calling verizon at halftime to get bop connected - he's itching to take part...

farmar's a little punk-ass shit - like how PJ just walked away
didn't they name a cut of beef after Kobe or is that a bred of cow?

"chad fox" i just spit out the beer bopper got me.
Boppa - get me some bacon and eggs!
dude that magic/bird commercial is wrong. i'm going to have nightmares. make it stop bop.
I'm not shaving anything but my face until the C's win this series
melanie just asked me if lloydy shaves his pubs. this is wrong. please can you guys come over for game 4.
C's are shooting 32.5% and have 7 turnovers.
bopper is in da house... we're connected
that larry/magic commercial was mos def wrong, especially in frickin' HD
Dude....remember that beard trimmer you gave me? Yeah....that one.

works better than crotch napalm

where's that gray-haired Filipino and the guy that still hasn't driven a car at 40 yrs old?
just posted a pic of chad fox... dead ringer for the '97 lloydy -- where's ryan? lebeau?
Lakers 12 for 22 from the free throw line
the last 11yrs have been horrible t me if I look worse than that now
had a long post and my computer crashed. long day but not as bad as lebeau's. his power went out 10 minutes before tip off. he missed david from american idol singing the national athem.
Lebeau is gonna be so pissed when gas hits $5/gal
stuart scott looks like he met with barney at the commercial break, no?
Barney or a ghost... cheesus is that guy freaky looking
left eye is glass me thinks. plus he's got a bong under his desk.
god they look bad.
C's doing great to be within six .. but are they going to get over the hump tonight? I say no.
bopper called it - with rondo out, allen needs to take over
I agree Bop
they all need to step it up. i like the energy perk is showing now. ray allen came into Nebo after game 1. he ordered takeout - 50 pizzas, 1 bolganese, and a few other things. he comes in in a suit. bill comes to $500. he leaves a $100 tip ... for take out. class act. i told him he inspired me to wear a sleeve on my left arm when i go to work
Eddie in the HOWSE!
lebeau's drivers ed teacher. chad, you're killing me. todd's sleeping in the back seat.
momentum shift
entire celts bench is up. i love it.
chad, do you wear a green headband to work?
around my hog?



perk looks tired.
C's covering? wow.

with all the "Celtics lose big" talk it almost makes sense, no?
did you tickle this one with da skipster?
no - just sayin'.....
Don't you just wanna punch Phil Jackson? I do.
allen, brown, house, brown and posey on the floor to start the 4th?
k guys.... me and my 34 different personalities need to go to bed. If I had $5 on this I may get sucked in further, but I don't. So time for head to pillow.... g'night
jack is getting pissed at doc for standing right in front of him.
well at least you made it later than that filipino.
when do you think doc puts pierce back in?
they need to dig in right f'g now.
NICE D!!!!!!!!!!
c'est la vie. a good overall effort.
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