Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cool Picture of the Day

Came across this great shot of Pittsburgh Pirates fans watching the 1960 World Series (wonder if this was the famous Bill Mazeroski HR game?) from a nearby rooftop.

Couple of quick notes: Sox won a nice ballgame behind the solid and shockingly efficient pitching of Dice-K last night, 1-0. And even more shocking, the game-winning hit came off the bat of Manny.

The talk of Barry Bonds coming to Boston is just that - talk. Ain't happening in this lifetime.

Big Papi took some cuts in batting practice yesterday, and several onlookers reported that he looked pretty damn good. He supposedly swatted six bombs out of the yard during his session. Let's hope he's back in the lineup soon after the All-Star break.

Jon Lester vs. Nick Blackburn tonight at the Fens. Rays are playing the Yanks in New York, and for the life of me I can't figure out who to root for. Injuries, I guess.

my branch manager is from mass...he may have an ac contractor contact whats ur zip code....johnny goon is gone soon...rays lookin for a rhb/bench...longo al rook of year....ur rooting for yanks...hum
nah, i'm rooting for the rays. bury the yanks. longo will get it unless ellsbury lights it up. zip is 01940 - thanks
may have an ac guy
my local manager is checking contact numbahs for up thair
i heard someone say"execs have too much power" what a flash back.....longo in!! holliday for price to rays??!!??!! m
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