Thursday, October 09, 2008

God Bless... Tim McCarver??

Lo and behold... the bad hair-dyed former catcher turned TV color analyst has emerged as a Manny basher. Check out McCarver's diatribe here, where he calls Manny's actions during his last few weeks in Boston 'despicable.'

I'd say that's a good word. Manny didn't like his contractual situation so he took matters into in his own hands. He laid down on his teammates, and took a colossal dump on the owners that paid him very well and the fans who have supported him since he got here. All the other stuff - taking a pee break inside the Green Monster, high-fiving fans in left-field after making a catch, selling his grill on eBay -- all that stuff was goofy and fine. But Manny crossed the line during his final days - whether it was engineered by Scott Boras or not - and what he did deserves to be played up just as much as the hitting tear he's been on in La-La Land.

Now that the Dodgers are one of four teams left standing, expect the volume to be turned up, particularly thanks to Mr. McCarver. Yeah, he's a former Phillie, and the Phillies just happen to be playing LA, but God, the guy makes a ton of sense doesn't he?

Also, here's an article by Joel Sherman in the NY Post this week that will put a smile on your face if you're a Yankee Hater. And if you're not, leave...

t minus 22 hours for the bop arrival...will ybor handle it...big b already has requested his own personal 18 pack..m
what's ybor?
tampa's bourbon st...during superbowl this year in tampa you'll here about ybor ....its the party district and chanelside is the martini party district...flavah
Nice. I'm jealous. I'll try to call your cell tonight in between innings. Have a ball in the mall.
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