Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Voters on Crack

The AL MVP winner was announced today and there's good news and bad news. The good news? If you detest everything about the Yankees, the fist-pumping, overrated pretty boy to the right did NOT win the award as many had predicted. Instead, Twins 1B Justin Morneau surprised everyone and took home the hardware. The bad news? David Ortiz was punished even harsher for not wearing a glove. Can you believe that Big Papi did not receive one first-place vote, and only got one second? Twenty-eight "writers" voted, with 15 giving their top vote to Morneau and 12 going with Jeter. Ortiz got 11 third-place votes, 5 fourths, 7 fifths, 3 sixths, and one (who's this absolute moron?) seventh. This is what 54 HRs, 137 RBIs, 115 runs, and a .413 OBP gets you. I truly wonder what would have happened if he had clouted 60, which he may have to do to just to earn a goddamn second-place vote. Unbelievable. But we're happy that the stinkin' Yankee didn't win it.

In other news, baseball owners are again throwing money around like drunken sailors. Alfonso Soriano (.231 with RISP in '06) signed an 8-year, $136 million deal with the Cubs, and word has it that several teams are interested in Manny. All of a sudden, 2 years and $38M doesn't look so bad. Reports have the Sox talking to the Rangers (Michael Young? Yes please...) and the Angels. I'm all for trading Manny, but they damn well better get something to fill that gaping hole in the lineup. JD Drew alone isn't going to cut it. They may be thinking that adding Drew and Julio Lugo will cushion the blow, but I still think you need another bopper.

Going around the lineup, my biggest concern is entering the season with Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia as everyday regulars. I admire Youk for his intensity, etc., but there's no way in hell he should be penciled in as the automatic starter anywhere. He hasn't earned that yet, but I get the feeling he thinks he has. And Pedroia didn't show much last year, though I know they have high hopes for him.

Of course, there are a plethora of additional concerns, but let's save that post for a rainy day.

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