Sunday, April 29, 2007

All in All, A Pretty Darn Good Weekend

Let's do a little recap:

- The Sox stomp the Yankees on Friday night in the Bronx, sending the New York papers into 'Fire Joe' mode.

- On Saturday, the much-hyped NFL draft starts at noon, and the Brady Quinn drama takes center stage. Rumors start flying around that the Patriots are hot on the Randy Moss trail, who wants out of Oakland. The Pats end up taking much-maligned Miami safety Brandon Merriweather with their first pick in the first round, then trade the second pick away. The draft, by the way, takes a loooooong friggin' time.

- Later on Saturday afternoon, Julio Lugo leads off the game against Jeff Karstens and hits a ball that cracks the pitcher's goddamn fibula. As if the Yanks don't have enough problems. Miraculously, New York's Filene's Basement Japanese retread, Kei Igawa, comes in and stymies the Sox. The Yanks win 3-1, potentially saving Torre's job for another day.

- But Sunday takes the cake. Turns out the Randy Moss rumors are accurate (Adam Schefter of the NFL Network is one connected dude). In a deal that reminds me of how they stole another questionable character, Corey Dillon, before the 2005 season, the Patriots trade a 4th-round pick in this draft for one of the most electric wide receivers to ever suit up. Problems abound to be sure, but a low risk move for the Pats. Moss wants to win a Super Bowl, he's been completely vetted by Belichick and Pioli, and he's taking a $6 million pay cut in 2007. I repeat, a $6 million pay cut. If he slips up, he's gone. In the span of two months, Tom Brady went from having Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney as his 1 and 2 receivers to having Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth. Add in all the other moves this team has made in the offseason, and it's clear that they want to continue the dynasty. Look out, Indy.

- And finally, the Sox take the finale at Yankee Stadium by the score of 7-4. In six games against the Yankees, the Red Sox this year are 5-1, have outscored the Yanks 40-28, and have outhomered them 12-6. Best thing about today is that it was Julian Tavarez vs. Chien Ming-Wang and we won. And Hideki Okajima - our new setup man - has been ungodly. In 12 2/3 innings so far this year, he's struck out 17, walked three, given up 5 hits and has a paltry 0.71 ERA. Not too shabby.

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