Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Moss Remains the Hot Topic

Being a sports radio host in this town is like being on auto-pilot. The news just keeps happening all around you, and you just have to sit there for a couple of hours every day, give your opinion, and listen to many others'.

The hot topic in Boston today continues to be the Pats' signing of Randy Moss. Here's a couple of good links from today's papers that shed some light on the player the Pats may be getting, and how pleased some of his new teammates are. Tom Brady actually agreed to re-work his contract to allow the deal to happen.

- Cris Carter on Randy Moss
- Brady restructures contract -- after all, it beats the hell out of throwing to Kelvin Kight
- And here's another good one on what adding Moss to the offense does strategy-wise

In baseball news, the Sox - those guys with the best record in Major League Baseball - resume play tonight against Oakland at Fenway. Curt Schilling, who has been positively outstanding since his Opening Day stinker, goes against Joe Blanton.

Someone also told me - and I don't believe it - that hockey and basketball playoffs are going on? I had no idea.

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