Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pinch Me

Sorry for the 10-day hiatus. I developed an avulsion on my right middle typing finger so I had to give it time to properly heal.

A lot has happened since we last left you. The Sox are currently playing their 10th game since May 7 (the back end of a doubleheader against Detroit) and are bidding to be 8-2 if they can pull out a win. They went to Toronto and swept them bums, then took 3 of 4 from the Orioles (including an incredulous comeback win in the Mother's Day finale). So far, they've taken 2 of 3 from the Jim Leyland-led Tigers. Just had to post this picture of Leyland and the old stove-pipe Pirates hat from the late 70's/early 80's.

The Yankees, on the other hand, have not exactly rallied around the Texas Con Man. The bazillion dollar lineup continues to underachieve, John Damon is getting old, Giambi's banged up, Matsui's power is gone, Bobby Abreu looks absolutely clueless at the plate. The returns of Mussina and Wang haven't given them a big jolt. Mariano Rivera is very hittable. And on and on. Bottom line: as we sit here tonight, at 8:06 p.m. on Thursday night, May 17 - with a healing avulsion, no less - the Red Sox have an 8.5 game lead on New York and it could be 9.5 by night's end. Pinch me. (Tigers just tied up the nightcap at 1, with back to back doubles by the resurrected Magglio Ordonez and the ever-steady Carlos Guillen).

Let's see - other important news and notes:

The Sox are starting to get hit with some key injuries. Josh Beckett - who was throwing lights out in his last start - had to come out early due to a skin problem on his right middle finger. The team was very careful not to call it a blister, as Beckett has a long history with blister problems, and instead called it an avulsion, or small tear.

J.D. Drew chased after a home run ball in the Tigers opener and hit the short right field bullpen wall pretty hard. He's day to day with a sore back.

Mike Timlin's on the DL with shoulder tendinitis. Manny had a little hammy issue.

On the bright side, the Sox have some decent pitching depth (Tavarez pitched a gem esarlier today and Snyder has been steady) and they just sent Jon Lester to Pawtucket for some starts so he may be close to returning.

See, that's how it is here in the Nation since the magical events of October 2004. We're glass is half full - at least sometimes.

Why, take for example, the wonderful news that Roger Clemens let the Yankees "come and get 'im." While some of us no doubt let our minds wander - and think about the storybook ending that Clemens could have if he ended his career in Boston - this is a much better scenario. We hate Roger, we hate the Yankees, and it's going to be awfully fun watching them miss the playoffs this year. Who thinks Clemens will face the Sox in that early June series at Fenway?

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