Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend Leftovers

It was a full plate of sports this past weekend... some quick-hit thoughts to get off my chest.

* Don't look now, but the goddamn Yankees are 3-1/2 games behind our Red Sox, the closest they've been since early May. I don't care what anyone says - I want the fucking division. Whatever happens in the playoffs happens but don't let the Yankees have that celebration this year. It's all hands on deck time, and that means you Manny. Take the giant condom off your head and get the hell back in the lineup. And Tito, it's okay to pitch Buccholz again - really, it is.

* The NFL pregame shows are generally unwatchable, and with all these harebrains weighing in on the Belichick saga yesterday it was even more insufferable. I cannot believe the hypocrisy we saw yesterday - every NFL coach and player past and present knows this type of videotaping goes on, and nobody ever calls anyone out. Belichick was wrong, and he has been penalized. But what Eric Mangina and the Jets have done here is they've initiated investigations throughout the league for similar rules violations.

* Quite possibly my two favorite plays from this weekend's Sox-Yanks, Pats-Chargers extravaganza: 1) Eric Hinske colliding with Jorge Posada at the plate on Saturday. Hinske knew halfway down the line that he was a dead duck. He made an instantaneous decision, and delivered a huge, clean blow on Posada. Still one of my favorite plays in baseball - and credit to Posada for hanging on to the ball and not coming out of the game. He's a pussy, but he's a tough pussy - if that make sense. And 2) Maybe a random one, but the play Wes Welker made against the Chargers when he snared a Tom Brady pass, spun on a dime, and put an absolutely ridiculous Barry Sanders-like move on an SD defender. 2A) Adalius Thomas' interception and return for TD. That's an atha-leet.

* The BC Eagles are making some noise this year, and QB Matt Ryan is starting to get a little national pub. BC beat Georgia Tech soundly on Saturday in Atlanta, and the latest polls have BC ranked 12th.

* Anyone can win in the wild, wacky, parity-ridden NFL of 2007. The Patriots appear to be head and shoulders above the rest after just two games. Barring injuries, it's hard to imagine this team not getting to Arizona in February. How sweet would it be to see Goodell handing a fourth Lombardi to BB and Krafty?

* Belichick has to be affected by the vitriol he's heard and read in the past week. People genuinely dislike him. Maybe this episode - which I maintain has been blown way out of proportion - will prove a humbling experience. It better.

* Could the Patriots go undefeated? They have the third-toughest schedule in the NFL - including games against Baltimore, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Philly. But my they're looking pretty good right now aren't they?

*If the playoffs started today, my Red Sox rotation would be Beckett, Schilling, Dice-K, and Buchholz. I'm comfortable with the pitching. It's the bats that need to be more consistent. Paging Manuel Ramirez... paging Manuel Ramirez...

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