Monday, November 12, 2007

More Hardware for the Sox... Lowell's Free to Talk... Youk to Shave?

Another busy day for the World Champion (it just doesn't get old) Red Sox. A week after hearing that Kevin Youkilis had won a Gold Glove at 1B, pint-sized Dirt Dog Dustin Pedroia took home Rookie of the Year honors today. Much deserved, and adding to the Pedroia legend is the news that he played with a broken bone in his hand during the postseason. My two favorite moments from this past year: his three-run homer in Game 7 against the Indians, and the great play he made on Miguel Tejada to help preserve Clay Buchholz' no-hitter. As our senior senator would say, Pedroia plays with some vim and vigah.

The free-for-all - aka MLB's annual free agency period - officially gets underway in 11 minutes. is reporting that Theo Epstein failed to seal a deal with Mike Lowell's agent, so Lowell will be free to talk to other teams. Most reports say the Sox wouldn't budge on three years; Lowell wants four. It'll be interesting to see how this ends up - losing Lowell would be a big loss. But never say never.

Finally, I bring you the shocking news that Youkilis is planning to shave off his trademark goatee. All for a good cause.

And that's all I've got for you today.

dude, they win the whole thing and you disappear, ?? whats up in blog land
hot stove news??
i can feed you spring training the TB devilrays are now the "Rays" and they are proposing a referendum to redo al lang field in beautiful downtown St. Pete
I let the accomplishment speak for itself. :)

What's up with you? How's Kirsten doing? we're going to be down in Florida again in April, this time even closer to you in Bradenton.
By the way, how's it feel to be 40?
I ment to wish you a hppy bday and forgot...40 is fine, i feel 27-30 but body is 40 recoup time
kirty is 33 weeks , big belley getting close...nicole richie and I are having our babies on jan 8th?? I'll keep you posted if paris hilton stops by to wish us well.
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