Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Night Live

I cannot believe that Nikolay Davydenko was left off of Russia's Davis Cup team. Absolutely, positively a horrendous coaching decision.

Just joshin'.

I'm one of the lucky ones tonight. Thanks to the fact that I ponied up $7 to that sadistic empire known as Comcast, I'm able to watch the latest "NFL Game of the Year" - the Cowboys vs. the Packers - in lovely high-definition TV. Right now, there's about three minutes left in the first half and the Cowboys are on the verge of putting this one out of reach with a 27-10 lead. The Pack is driving, however, and to everyone's shock, it's not ol' No. 4 steering the ship. Brett Favre hurt his right forearm when he got sacked earlier in the game and hit a Cowboy helmet. No official word yet, so in the meantime it's in Aaron Rodgers' hands.

The Celtics are also in action this evening, this time against the Knicks at the Garden (ah, it feels good to type that). After a tough loss to Cleveland the other night, I had a hunch the Celts would want to administer a Patriots-like ass-kicking - and who better to inflict said beating on than a team from New York? With five minutes to go in the third quarter, the C's have a, ah, shall we say comfortable lead. It's currently 72-35 and the Knicks look positively hapless in all phases of the game. Oooh - with this type of lead, Doc Rivers just sent Garnett back in. I tell ya - the lack of respect he's showing for the Knicks right now is disturbing. It's now officially a 43-point lead, at 80-37. Oh my goodness. We're witnessing a complete and utter meltdown. The Knicks have given up.

Football update: Cowboys are up 27-17 at halftime.

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