Thursday, August 09, 2007

As I Was Saying...

Don't know if I believe in karmic forces, but after I ranted and raved last night, wouldn't you know the boys (they're the boys when they're going good) came back and beat the Angels last night with some inspired play?

Final score from Anaheim was 9-6. It was an entertaining, back-and-forth affair that kept me watching until the final out. The big hit was a Dustin Pedroia home run that just glanced off Garret Anderson's glove in left to put the Sox up for good at 7-6. Gary Matthews probably would have had it. Good relief performances from Timlin, Okajima - who looked especially fresh and nasty - and Papelbon, who got his 26th save.

I must say, these three games - even though we lost two - were fun as hell to watch. The Angels play the game like they have ADHD - throwing down bunts, sending runners on any and all counts, etc. The whole idea seems to be to put as much pressure as possible on the opposition and Mike Scioscia has gotten the results. This series felt like playoff baseball.

The Sox get to enjoy a day off today, and then they hit Camden Yards for a weekend series. Great pitching matchup on deck tomorrow night, with Dice-K going against Erik Bedard.

many games have had a playoff feel to them. every pitch everyday in everygame really is starting to matter. "like my youngest sistah.....very tight"

you joining our football bro or are wordsmiths all talk
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