Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's Put Our Cleats on Their Stinkin' Necks

So everything is now going our way as we enter the long-awaited three-game set in the Bronx starting tomorrow night. The Sox have an 8-game lead - courtesy of the 16-0 drubbing the Tigers laid on the Jankees tonight - and we've got our three guns nicely lined up this week. Dice-K vs. Andy Pettite on Tuesday, a doozy on Wednesday with Josh Beckett against Roger Clemens, and then Schilling vs. Wang on Thursday. While it's nice to have an 8-game lead, I say don't let our foot off the accelerator. I want these guys dead. Dead, I say.

Anyway, a little game we used to play around here that I'm resurrecting today. Lookalikes. Today's "twins" are outgoing White House press secretary Tony Snow and outgoing Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. Okay, maybe minus some pounds.

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