Friday, August 17, 2007

Buzz Kill

See that man to your immediate left? He's giving us all nightmares. I'm sorry - I know Eric Gagne is a human being, and he's saying all the right things as he tries to figure out just why the hell he can't get anybody out. But this is officially ridiculous.

The Red Sox fought back from a 4-1 deficit last night to take a 5-4 lead on clutch 8th inning hits by David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez - off Angels' closer extraordinaire Francisco Rodriguez no less - and because Papelbon had pitched in the first game, Tito brought in Gagne to try and finish this one off. And he immediately proceeded to blow another save.

The whole park's buzzing, there's a good chance for a rare doubleheader sweep, millions of dollars have been raised in the annual Jimmy Fund telethon - and Christ, I'm jumping around my house like a little kid because, well, Papi and Manny have been AWOL in the clutch this year and I'm starting to like this come-from-behind shit. And then Gagne takes a big, steaming dump on all of it.

Again, I know he's trying. I know he'll face the media after the game and throw in a few f-bombs. We WANT him to do well. But it's painfully clear that he's NOT doing well - and he's a major liability in the middle of a pennant race.

big stanley steamer dump!
horrendous. how long will it continue for?
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