Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Calamity Continues...

Not that we're prone to exaggeration (nah), but this could be the crossroads of the season - right here. 5-5 game, Yanks have the bases loaded, 2 outs, 6th inning, 2 and 0 count to A-Fraud. Beckett has walked eight bleeping Yankees today, and he's now looking at a 3 and O count to A-Rod. And he walks in a run with his ninth walk. Nine walks. Nine bases on balls. Nine goddamned free passes to the best lineup in baseball. 6-5, Yanks, with Manny Delcarmen trotting in from the bullpen. Once again, Josh Beckett does not come through. Once again, we'll see him in the postgame interview, composed, just saying he didn't have it today and that's a great lineup over there and all that other bullcrap.

The nice FOX announcer informs us that Beckett's nine walks are a high this year in the majors. The camera shows Beckett on the top step of the dugout, cheering on Delcarmen. I don't know if I admire his ability to forget things, or if I want him to pitch a tantrum on national TV. (Maybe the latter. This team needs a jolt.) I do find it interesting that he's been plastered all over magazines lately even as he continues to suck. I'm cheering for the guy, but come on... when does enough become enough?)

It's now 7-5 Yankees as Delcarmen has continued Beckett's generosity. He's walked in one run, and is in danger of walking in another. Now Posada hits a bases-clearing double and just like that it's 10-5 Yankees. Double-digit runs in three consecutive games, and I'm sure we'll hear soon when was the last time that happened. The Yankees have now scored 36 runs in three games and it's going to get ugly at Fenway... the 2006 version of the Boston Massacre is officially underway.

In fact, I'm ashamed to admit that Tim McDonkey on FOX just compared this series to that famous 1978 Yankee shellacking. He also just described the hushed Fenway crowd as "funereal." Things are getting bad.

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