Friday, August 18, 2006

Live Look-In: Sox-Yanks, Game 2

Well they didn't end up stealing the first game today - they got smoked 12-4 - and right now the Sox are trailing 5-1 to the Yankees and The Fat Pugnacious Aruban, Sidney Ponson. Oh the shame. We cannot lose to Sidney Ponson.

The new Yankees lineup keeps coming at you, and it's positively insane to think what they'll be like when/if Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield return. The best team money can buy, hands down. They're also much better with Robinson Cano off the DL. Kid's a good ballplayer.

Now the Sox have something going, baby. Youkilis and Loretta come up with big hits and it's 5-4 all of a sudden. Nine runs scored and we're not out of the second inning yet -- this puppy's going past midnight. I knew I should have taken the over. Big Papi K's for the third out. 5-4 heading to the top of the 3rd.

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