Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Am Not Making This Up

I wouldn't do that to you. The Red Sox apparently packed their bad karma for the trip to Anaheim. They had the bases loaded with nobody out in the top of the 2nd inning and didn't score one run. The Angels' leadoff hitter the next inning? Home run. It's laughable, I tell you.

Tito's lineup card tonight: Crisp (CF), Loretta (2B), Ortiz (The Hitter), Youk (1B), Pena (RF), Lowell (3B), Mirabelli (C), Kapler (LF), Pedroia (SS). Um, does anything jump out at you? Manny is out with a sore hammy, so Youk's batting cleanup and Gabe (1 for his last 30-plus) Kapler is playing left field. Also, Alex Gonzalez has been put on the DL with an oblique problem, necessitating the call-up of young Mr. Pedroia.

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