Friday, August 18, 2006

Johnson Holding His Own Against Wang

Well, at least he was a few seconds ago... (plus I had to write that headline)

Now Kyle Snyder is in the game and the Yankees have a 4-1 lead as we head to the bottom of the 5th at Fenway. Johnson gave up a home run to the traitor, and back to back hits to Jeter and Abreu before being pulled for Snyder. I guess overall we should be pleased that we're still in the game with the recycled combo of Johnson/Snyder against the mighty, brave Bombers.

Manny just hit a true Fenway home run, flicking one around the Pesky Pole in right. Sox are now down 4-2, and Youk just got robbed by A-Fraud to end the inning. What I don't like about A-Rod? Many things, of course, but I especially hate how he styles after he makes a play or even when he makes an out. The guy's played absolutely porous D all year long, he makes a play, and then he prances and struts off the field like he's mother f'in Brooks Robinson. A-Rod is the new Reggie Jackson - the guy we most love to hate. Even Yankee fans can't stand him, which isn't saying much.

Mike Lowell just led off the bottom of the 6th with a walk, and now we'll see if newcomer Eric Hinske can bring him around. Hinske's had a good day, with two doubles in his first two AB's, a run scored, and a nice catch in right. Count's in his favor at 2 and 1 and he rips another one to the right-center gap for his third double! What a debut. Sox have men on second and third with nobody out and Javy Lopez at the dish. Fly ball's all we're asking for brother. And where's the only place you can hit it and not get the runner home? A meek grounder to the pitcher for the first out. Jesus, Javy. Can't let this opportunity go by. Now it's Gonzo's turn, and he smacks one to left-center. The traitor makes a nice diving catch - he's having himself a hell of a day too - but the Sox get the run in. 4-3 Yanks. Coco flies out to end the 6th. Three more innings to see if the Sox can steal this one.

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