Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Hate John Mellencamp, and Won't Be Buying a Chevy

* You know you're in trouble when the biggest story from this particular World Series is when a number 3 pitcher makes headlines because he's against stem cell research. Keeeee-rist.

* The Buckner Error happened 20 years ago yesterday, and the guy still doesn't think he did anything wrong. You didn't murder anybody, Billy, this much is true. But you sure in hell bleeped up in a very large way. Very large. And you pissed me and my frat buddies off big-time and killed our buzz. Now multiply that by every single person's heart you broke that night and tell me you didn't do anything wrong. In case you haven't noticed, we take our baseball pretty seriously around these parts.

* This isn't Red Sox jealousy shining through, but I can't believe these are the two best teams in all of baseball. Boring series so far, but you know something great will happen... eventually... like maybe in November when this series ends.

* I... can't.... take.... the.... John.... Mellencamp.... Chevy.... ad/song.... any....longer.... please.... stop

* Whether it's the fact that he's running around with concrete boots - or his offensive line is just plain bad - how in his right mind can Drew Bledsoe still believe he gives the Cowboys the best chance of winning? I respect everything Drew did for New England, but sometimes you just gotta be honest with yourself. The guy will never lead a team to the holy grail. That's just the way it is.

* An honest-to-God item from the Globe's Mike Reiss' Patriots blog today: "The print media was present for stretching." Wow - slow news day.

* Remember a couple years back when the NHL was on strike? (Chris Farley voice) That was awesome.

* The Celtics, on the other hand - I think we at least may enjoy watching them a bit more this year. We haven't had a guy like Sebastian Telfair running the show since Tiny Archibald was working in these parts. At the very least, it's going to be fun to watch him play with Pierce and Wally.

* I'm looking forward to seeing how the Patriots react Monday night in what should be a pretty tough game against the Vikings. After Minnesota, they've got Indy and then it's back to the exhibition schedule for a while until they play the Bears Thanksgiving weekend. As Tony Kornheiser said, the Patriots are 5-1 and flying under the radar right now, which isn't a bad thing. If they beat the Vikes and then the Colts next week, more pundits will start paying attention. It's been a weird NFL season so far - I'm still not sure who the really good teams are. I'm not completely sold on those Bears.

I'll still never forget the feeling from being as high (and as high) as I was at ATO that fateful Game 6 night to crushing and crashing low.

Still tough not to root for Drew. You had to feel for him standing on the sidelines after being pulled.
I like Drew. How can you not? He's a classy guy and I can't even imagine the level of frustration he's gone through over the past 5 years. Not the way he wanted his career to end, but if you look at it from a coach's standpoint (Belichick, Parcells) you have to remove the emotion from the decision. I think he should have pulled him a few weeks ago, to be honest.
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