Friday, October 06, 2006

Motown Magic?

We're coming to you live from Comerica Field, where the Detroit Tigers are three outs away from taking a stunning 2-1 series lead against the filthy rich Bronx Bombers. Okay, we're not really in Motown - we're really on our couch watching the game on ESPN, but it kinda feels like we're there. This crowd is LOUD.

Kenny Rogers pitched 7 2/3 of no-run ball, and now flamethrower Joel Zumaya just got A-Rod to fly out on a 102-mph heater. The momentum is clearly on the Tigers' side, even if Derek Jeter - the pseudo MVP - keeps getting gift calls from the umps with two strikes on him. At least twice in this series, I've seen him take 2-strike pitches down the pipe only to get another chance.

Anyway, this night ain't about Captain Intangibles. This night is about those faces us Red Sox fans know oh so well - the sullen, blank stares of Joe Torre and his coaches (and George, wherever the old fart is) standing on the dugout steps, pondering just what the hell is happening to their money machine. Detroit is now batting in the bottom of the 8th, one out, Ron Villone pitching for the Spanks.

If the Tigers can somehow pull this off - and we know the Yankees have the talent to come back - Jimmy Leyland's legacy will be cemented, and he'll be remembered for more than wearing that silly stovepipe Pirates hat pictured above.

We're now in the top of the 9th, with former Red Sock Todd Jones trying to close the door. Juicin' Jason just flew out to right field for the first out. Jorge Posada up - let's count how many times the cameras show the Yankees' faces. Posada pops up for out number two. The place is rocking. Strike 1 to Matsui. First bench shot of Torre and Jeter looking like they just had some bad seafood. Second shot, this one lingering longer and showing that NY has been positively futile tonight with men on base. This is delicious. Matsui K's and it's over, baby! Unbelievable. Who would have thunk that Kenny Rogers would outduel Randy Johnson?!? For the record, A-Rod is 1 for 11 in the series and has to be awfully happy that tomorrow's game isn't in front of the hometown crowd.

While we're at it, the A's swept the Twins earlier today meaning our fearless prediction of Minnesota as World Series champs was pretty stupid. I'm officially on the Tigers bandwagon now. Giddyup.

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