Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Night Musings

This pretty much sums it up: "Ladies and Gentlemen, a former United States Marine and a former contestant on American Idol..." That's the intro the Tigers PA guy gave the person who sang "God Bless America" tonight. God bless America, indeed.

Kenny Rogers is on some kind of roll, but he's acting like a jackass. Shouting at himself, dancing around on the mound, doing little twirls after Cardinals hitters make outs. I mean, I understand the guy's postseason record sucked going into this series, so maybe he's trying to do something different - but jeez, act like you've been there before.

I hate the Jaguars and the Seahawks. How many people got bounced from suicide pools this weekend because of these two lame-ass teams?

My beloved Patriots, on the other hand... I know it's only the Bills and all but you gotta like what they're doing. Looks like Brady is starting to gel a bit with Caldwell, Gabriel and rookie Chad Jackson - who caught a TD pass today - and Dillon was his usual outstanding self. No one dishes out a stiff arm quite like Corey. The Pats have three tough games left - at Minnesota next Monday night, and hosting Indy and Chicago - and the rest is easy street. The game against the Colts should be a doozy - fans won't have any trouble getting up for that one.

Boston sports fans will hopefully concur when I say how sick and tired I am of listening to the one sports talk radio station in this town. WEEI has been at the top of the ratings heap for a while now, but the quality of the shows has really gone downhill. I can't listen to Dennis & Callahan in the morning anymore because it's become a 75% news show, 25% sports. Callahan is a lightning rod, and I understand that's part of the schtick, but if he's like his on-air self, he's a complete dickhead. These guys are making big coin, and they've got absolutely no reason to try and actually improve the show and keep getting better. Fat and lazy. Oh how I wish I had the financial wherewithal to start up a new station - with a signal that doesn't make it sound like you're broadcasting from inside a trash can.

Continuing with the 'EEI rant, the only way they'll get the message that we don't like the product anymore is if we stop listening. Unfortunately, like Red Sox fans, it seems etched in stone that people are going to keep listening. As for me, I've been switching over to WBZ or just plugging my iPod in. Came across a decent alternative with the "New Sports Huddle" on WTTK. Sean McDonough, Kevin Mannix and Eddie Andelman are the hosts. Not a big Eddie guy, but I'll give it a chance. And I wish I could listen to Mike Felger - one of the more knowledgeable Pats guys around - more often. He's on ESPN 890 but the signal is weak.

(Yeah, I don't get out that much anymore...)

By the way, one last thought on Kenny Rogers - bet he doesn't mind cameramen now, eh?

The Giants-Cowboys game tomorrow night should be a good one, though you have to wonder why Giants RB Tiki Barber would announce that he's retiring in mid-season. Doesn't make much sense, especially coming from a guy who seems to be all about team.

I'm not a big fan of their BMW-driving, wide-whale corduroy wearing, red-faced alums, but kudos go to the BC football team for an impressive win at Florida State on Saturday. The Eagles should be looking at a better bowl this year than the friggin' Copper Bowl in Idaho or whatever the hell it's called. And Doug Flutie and Craig James are dynamite on ESPN's show.

We'll stay here for the end of Game 2 of the World Series. Todd Jones is on for Detroit and needs one more out to even up the series. Tigers are leading 3-0. Kenny Rogers is still dancing around in the dugout screaming like a banshee for no apparent reason. Two strikes on Rolen and the place is going berserk. Kenny's looking for a camera guy to punch out. And Rolen singles. I love when a guy silences a crowd.

Rolen's on first and Juan Encarnacion - whose swing looks vaguely like Jim Furyk's - is up. Not exactly a scary guy at the plate. And there's a groundball that eats Jones up and Juan is safe. First and third Cards, with the tying run at the plate in Jim Edmonds. Basehit for Edmonds. 3-1 Tigers, men on second and third. Verrrry interesting. Kenny's quieting down a bit...

Preston Wilson just got drilled on the wrist and the wheels are officially coming off for Todd Jones. NLCS hero Yadier Molina is up. Ball 1. Groundball to short, and the Tigers get the force at second. All square. And I'm hitting the sack.

But not before I inform you that Kenny Rogers is now crying on national TV. Jeeeezus.

... not to mention the "substances" Rogers has been using.
True - I had started watching the game after the situation, so I wasn't even aware of it until the next morning. So clear that it was pine tar and not dirt, but La Russa comes out on top in the end. Pretty boring Series, huh? But good for the Cards and their fans. They showed a lot of class in '04 when the Sox won and they let us take over their house.
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