Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dice K Hits Too?!?

Before I forget, today's the three-year anniversary of our first World Series championship. Hard to believe it was three years ago that we vanquished the Yankees in historic fashion, and steamrolled to the title against the pathetic Cardinals. We're sniffing another one this weekend in Colorado, but as they say, you always remember your first one.

The Sox are on the verge of adding No. 2 to the trophy case, and they're off to a good start tonight in Colorado, Manny's foibles be damned. They're currently up 5-0 on the Rockies in the 3rd inning, and Dice-K (yes, Dice-K) just pitched in with a clutch 2-run single. You know things are going good for you when... Manny was thrown out at home on the prior play. He's gotten into the habit recently of whipping his helmet off his head when he's running full-steam, ala Dmitri Young. This time, the helmet came down and bounced off his foot as he was rounding third, slowing him just a bit - and of course, he was out by just a bit.

Anyway, no complaints. It's 5-0 early and the Sox have knocked Josh Fogg out of the game. The Rox are in serious trouble.

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