Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rambling Man

Some random thoughts as I sit here watching the Harlem Globetrotters - I mean the Patriots - play the Washington Generals, er, the Miami Dolphins.

- I know it's the 0-6 Dolphins, but my God are the Patriots putting on a clinic today in Miami. It's 35-7 Pats, with almost three minutes to go in the first half. Tom Brady has thrown 4 TD passes (25 on the season, versus two picks), and Randy Moss (above) has had two jump-ball TD catches that were downright ludicrous. We may soon see Brady sitting on the bench watching his understudy perform.

- I'm starting to develop a little dislike for the Indians. I never have been a fan of Kenny Lofton, so his little exchange with Beckett the other night cemented that. Eric Wedge (do they call him "Wedgie?") gave Beckett zero credit for one of the greatest playoff performances I've ever seen. Victor Martinez looked like he was taking a stroll on South Beach when he trotted around the bases last night after hitting a homer. (I know Manny does some things that piss people off, but there's no malice there. Martinez was already pissed about the umpiring.) I hate those queer white towels. Paul Byrd's double-pump delivery is pure douchebaggery. They've got a second baseman named Ass Dribble. It goes on and on if you think about it. Cleveland sucks, and they're going to lose tonight.

- I haven't really opined on the end of the Joe Torre era. You know the story by now. The Yanks offered Torre $5 million a year (a cut from the $7.3 million he earned last year), and added some incentives to the deal. He'd get $1 million each for getting to the playoffs, winning the ALCS, and getting to the World Series. Torre justifiably told the Sons of Steinbrenner to take a hike. My take? The Yanks didn't want him back but had to save PR face with their fans by making Torre some kind of offer. Now they've lost their steady hand, and who knows what's going to happen with A-Rod, Posada, Rivera, and Pettitte.

- It never materialized as an issue in last night's blowout win by the Sox, but I was very curious to know how short Schilling's leash was. Tito tends to give Curt more leeway than his other starters.

- After several days of fan-managing, Francona finally inserted rookie sparkplug Jacoby Ellsbury into the starting lineup. Ellsbury came through in the third inning with an RBI single, and used his speed to score another run during the same inning. He also got robbed by Grady Sizemore later in the game on a ball that would have rolled all the way to the triangle. Would have been fun to see him pick 'em up and put 'em down on that one. The one nitpick: he should have caught a ball late in the game that I think Ryan Garko hit. Ellsbury had one more step to the wall, but jumped a little early. Assuming he's going to be the man in CF next year, he's got a lot of familiarizing to do with Fenway.

- I know we've got it pretty good around here as sports fans, but I honestly can't remember a time like this. The Pats are rolling, the Sox are one win away from another World Series berth, the Celtics are looking good in the exhibition season with their big new acquisitions, and hell, even the Bruins are showing fans something. Maybe this Cload guy is the real deal. Oh, and the Boston College football team could find itself ranked 2nd in the country tomorrow.


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