Thursday, October 25, 2007

Game 1: Sox Take Batting Practice

So I'm driving into work this morning on one of the many busy, congested thoroughfares in our fine commonwealth, and I go by a garden warehouse that has a sign in front saying 'Crushed Rocks.' I'm hoping the owner has a sense of humor.

The Sox certainly crushed the Rocks at Fenway last night in Game 1, coasting to a rocking-chair 13-1 victory that was never really close. At this pace, the Sox and Patriots are both going to set some serious offensive records. In the last four games, the Sox have outscored the Indians and Rockies by a stunning score of 43-6. Sounds like a Pats-Dolphins score, eh?

You couldn't have asked for a better start to the game. Beckett fanned the side in the first, throwing nothing but heat, and then Tanner - I mean Dustin - Pedroia got things rolling with a leadoff homer that just made it over the Monster. The Pedroia/Youkilis show was again on display last night, but this time both Manny and Papi got into the act. Rockies starter Jeff Francis was underwhelming, and reliever Franklin Morales got lit up and walked home a couple of runs. Before you knew it, the game was out of hand and people were even leaving Fenway to get home early and beat the rush. It just didn't seem like a World Series game.

Crazy as it sounds, I'm hoping there's a little more drama tonight. I like when my stomach's churning. If the Sox take Game 2 tonight, with Schilling on the mound against some very good hitters who were embarrassed last night - it's all over but the (Papelbon) dancing. The Rox are going with rookie fireballer Ubaldo something or other. Sounds like he should be a Brazilian soccer player.

the sox have post season batting avg's like it's beer league softball....nice to see papi going the other way hard, he worried me and even drew knocked one solid
good luck to BC on the thursdaynite curse game of the week....p.s. why doesnt fox have any hot chicks doin the game
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