Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Downright Offensive

Eleven runs, 17 hits, a solid performance from Wake, and key hits from the bottom of the order (Crisp, Mirabelli, Cora went 6 for 13, five runs scored, 4 RBI) all added up to the Sox' fifth straight victory last night. Final score: 11-3 over the hapless Nationals at Fenway.

Unfortunately, the Yankees came from behind to beat Philly last night so the lead stays at 2. Two young'uns go tonight in the finale -- Jon Lester vs. Sean Hill.

Was it too early?
Are you that ignorant?
Are you still that intoxicated?
Or did you not understand that math was part of this job?

The lead is still 2.
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No excuses. Sloppy bloggerism. Though math was never a strong suit.

Is this the famous Mega of the Holliston Mega's?
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