Monday, June 12, 2006

Tito's 'B' Team Loses Nightcap

I understand why he did it - a day/night doubleheader, a day off today and a long trip to Minneapolis... but still... Willie Harris playing for Manny just makes me sick inside. In contrast, Buck Showalter played his big guns in the second game and the Rangers left town with a 13-6 win and a split of the four-game series.

David Pauley's third start looked conspicuously like his first start - in other words, not so good. He was sent down to Pawtucket immediately after the game to make room for the returning Mike Timlin. Rangers starter John Wasdin, on the other hand, looked like anyone but the John Wasdin we once knew and loved around here. He was strangely effective for six innings.

Day of rest today, and then the Sox take their act to the Metrodome to play the struggling Twins. The lead stands at 1 over the New Yorkers.

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