Saturday, June 10, 2006

Everyone Loves a Debut

Today is one of those days where something little that makes baseball baseball is happening in Boston: the debut of a prized young pitcher.

Red Sox fans have heard and read much about lefty starter Jon Lester over the past few years. We've seen his name mentioned in numerous trades, and always Theo and the gang insist on keeping Lester out of it. Today, Ma Nature willing, we'll get a chance to see why.

The last time there was this much hype over a lefty's debut: Kevin Morton in July 1991. Francona had a good line about not getting too caught up in a pitcher's first game. "If he pitches a bad game, it doesn't mean he's a bad pitcher - and if he pitches seven shutout innings they're not getting his Cooperstown plaque ready."

The various media outlets all cover Lester's debut, with the Globe's Chris Snow examining how the Sox have kept Lester out of the media's glare this weekend.

The Herald's John Tomase and the ProJo's Sean McAdam also weigh in on Lester this morning.

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