Saturday, June 24, 2006

Papi is Soooo Money

The amazingness (is that a word?) continues, and maybe we shouldn't be amazed. Maybe these guys are this good. We know Big Papi is. He hit yet another dramatic walk-off home run today, this one bouncing off the black covering in the centerfield bleachers in the bottom of the 10th to give the Red Sox a 5-3 win over the Phillies. That makes it eight straight victories, and whoever said it's more fun when you win was definitely onto something.

Schilling had an interesting but effective line going six innings, giving up eight hits, three runs and striking out 10. After Schilling left, it was in the hands of the kids as Delcarmen, Javier Lopez, and Craig Hansen provided the bridge to our own homegrown All-Star, closer Jonathan Papelbon. His numbers are stunning: 38 ip, 0.24 era, 23 saves, 39 k's. Easily the Sox' first-half MVP, and a surefire pitcher for the AL in the Mid-Summer Classic.

While the Sox and Phils avoided problems with the rain, the Yankees and Marlins weren't so lucky in the Bronx. They got rained out and will play two tomorrow. The Sox' lead at the moment is 2 1/2.

Wakefield vs. Cory Lidle tomorrow in the finale, as the Sox go for their third straight sweep. Let's hope they're not looking ahead to what should be a tremendous series against the Mets starting Tuesday. I think we're all assuming that Pedro will pitch next week at Fenway, but all the sites I've checked tonight list Lester/Soler in Game 1, Beckett/Glavine in Game 2, and undecided for the Mets vs. Schilling in Game 3. If it's Pedro vs. Schilling Thursday night, how happy will the scalpers be? New white adidas sneakers and jeans shorts for everyone!!

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