Friday, June 30, 2006

Sox-Marlins Live Look-In

The streak is in jeopardy tonight in Miami. Entering the top of the 9th, Sox are down 5-2. Kapler just got on as Miguel Cabrera threw wild to first. One out, man on first. Gonzo up... and BIG PAPI on deck to pinch-hit... Gonzo just k'd swinging on a breaking ball in the dirt. Too eager in front of his former hometown crowd? Papi takes a ball, Kapler moves up to second on 'defensive indifference'. Kinda describes Manny sometimes. Ball 2 to Papi. Joe Borowski on the mound for Florida. Two outs. And did he just do it again?? Deep fly ball to right, caught. Streak over, though they do establish a new record for consecutive errorless games as consolation.

This one had 'L' written all over it with the Sox starting fill-in Jason Johnson and the Marlins countering with their ace, Dontrelle Willis. The Sox can't hit good lefties, let alone a guy like Willis, who looks like a human Swiss army knife when he delivers the ball at 95 mph. Things would have been really going good for the Sox if they could have pulled this one off. But Tito knew what he was up against; he sat Ortiz and Nixon tonight against the tough lefty and had Youkilis hitting third. Lowell and Youk will probably each get a game off this weekend. Wakefield vs. Brian Moehler tomorrow at 6. May a new streak begin.

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