Thursday, July 27, 2006

Like Watching Grass Grow

Yesterday's finale against the A's did nothing to help counter the argument that baseball can be a boring game. This one was tough to watch, listen to, or follow along on the Web. B-o-r-i-n-g. Sox lose 5-1 on a getaway day after mustering only four hits against A's starter Danny Haren.

Kyle Snyder (not to be confused with Schneider from One Day at a Time "fame") started this one, and stuck to his M.O. - pitching well through three innings, and then getting smacked around in the fourth and fifth. Adding insult to injury, he gave up two bombs to the ancient, hobbled Frank Thomas, whose nickname - the Big Hurt - is certainly appropriate these days. I think I've seen enough of Mr. Snyder to believe he's not the answer for the fifth spot in the rotation - though he may be a nice addition in the 'pen for middle relief. If he can provide three quality innings, and fill the role that Bronson Arroyo used to play occasionally, there may be a spot for him on the roster for the last two months of the season.

Day off today for the Sox, and then they have three this weekend against the Angels, who are tied for first in the AL West. Great mound matchups in this one -- Lester vs. Escobar tomorrow night; Beckett vs. young stud Jered Weaver on Saturday; and then Schilling vs. Lackey on Sunday Night Baseball.

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