Saturday, July 29, 2006

Live Look-In: Angels-Sox, Game 2

The Red Sox have stormed back from a 6-3 deficit against the hot Angels to tie the game at 6. We're in the bottom of the 9th, Youkilis on second with a leadoff double, and Papi was just intentionally walked. One down - Loretta popped up, failing to move Youk over. Now it's Manny's turn, and he grounds into an inning-ending double play. Rats. Loretta's at-bat was key. Heading into extras...

(Couple of thoughts during the commercials... my buddies and I love coming up with guys whose name sounds either white or black, and then you find out it's the reverse. ESPN's Bill Simmons calls these guys the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars. You hear the name Reggie Cleveland (left photo above) you think maybe a fleet-footed black guy, but Cleveland was actually a portly white dude from Ontario, Canada who pitched for the Sox. Other examples of names that sound black but aren't include 2B Marcus Giles of the Braves and Mariners LHP Jarrod Washburn. Howie Kendrick of the Angels is a reverse example (sounds white but is black). Try it - it's fun.

The Globe reports today on their blog that the Sox offered Coco Crisp to the White Sox for Mark Buerhle and they were turned down. Crisp is coming around with the bat a little bit, but he needs a GPS system. His tracking of flyballs this year has left something to be desired, and we thought he was going to be a defensive improvement over Judas Damon.)

Anyway, back to the action... we're now in the bottom of the 11th, tied 6-6, and Coco just grounded out. 1 down with Gonzo up. Base hit to left, and now it's Youk's turn again. Jerry Remy's doing the game for FOX today and had a good point earlier - Sox games have been a little longer this year because Youk sees so many pitches. And it's a bloop single to right. Sox have men on first and second with nobody out, and Loretta, Ortiz, and Manny coming up. Loretta's worked it to a 2-2 count. Now it's full. Papi is swinging menacingly in the on-deck circle. 3-2 pitch, and Loretta fans on a fastball. Two outs, and it's up to Papi. Scioscia is bringing in a lefty... Can Ortiz possibly do it again? All we need is a well-placed single, big feller... groundball to the left side of the infield... through!! Sox win 7-6 as the legend of Papi grows and grows... what a game...

Yanks were losing to the D-Rays 6-4 at last check...

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