Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yankee$ Get Abreu, Lidle

We heard early on that Georgie Porgie liked Bobby Abreu, and the Boss finally got his man today. In a pure salary dump by Philly, they send Abreu and Cory Lidle to the Yankees for two no-name minor leaguers. It wasn't the prospects that got this deal done, it was the cash. Abreu, whose HR power is significantly down (he's got 8) this year, will average around $17 million over the next few years, and we all know the Yanks are the only team in baseball who can take that on. Am I worried about this deal? Abreu will make an already potent lineup better, and Lidle is obviously an improvement over Sidney Ponson. But we also know that just throwing money around doesn't guarantee success (see Pavano, Carl; Brown, Kevin).

As for the Sox, they've supposedly been one of the more active teams but no news yet... we'll keep you posted through the night as we do a little running commentary on tonight's Angels-Sox game. I'm hoping Joe Morgan calls in sick.

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