Friday, July 14, 2006

News Flash: Red Sox Infielder Makes Rare Error

Well, what looked like a nice win last night in the first of three against Oakland turned into a tough extra-inning loss. Big play came in the top of the 7th when the normally sure-handed Mark Loretta took his eyes off a grounder and let it get by him, allowing the A's to tie the score at 3. They went on to win 5-4 in 11 innings. Yanks were idle, so Sox' lead is now 2 1/2.

Jon Lester pitched true to form - lots of pitches and too many walks, but good damage control when he needed it. He left with a 3-1 lead. Pinch runner Willie Harris had another bad miscue on the basepaths, getting picked off late in the game. Willie may be looking for a new employer soon.

Game 2 tonight at the Fens features a good pitching matchup, which means the final score will be something like 11-10. Josh Beckett vs. Barry Zito.

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