Thursday, July 27, 2006

Will They Make a Move? Or Stand Pat?

For all the hype and noise about potential trades, not much has happened... yet. All the big media outlets are claiming that it's a seller's market, but that may change as the clock keeps ticking toward Monday's trading deadline. Alfonso Soriano could be a Tiger or a White Sox or an Angel or even a (gulp) Yankee again come Monday night.

From most accounts, the Red Sox seem to be pretty active in pursuing pitching. Some reports have them talking with Florida about the tantalizing possiblity of acquiring Dontrelle Willis. They're also scouting Phillies starter Cory Lidle, who pitched very well today against Arizona in front of a few scouts. ESPN's Buster Olney is dropping hints that the Red Sox are trying to come up with some sort of creative, multi-team deal. That crazy Theo...

Here's my humble opinion on what the Red Sox need to do in order win their second world title in three years:

Scenario #1: Make the big splash move and get Dontrelle - if they have any shot at all to get him, and it takes a Dustin Pedroia or Craig Hansen - DO IT.

Barring the big move, here's Scenario #2:

1) Get Lidle. His numbers are deceiving as he had a few crappy outings early on, but he's been solid lately. Today, he handcuffed the Diamondbacks for seven innings, let in two runs, and struck out 8.

2) Replace the Gas Can Twins, Seanez and Tavarez, with Kyle Snyder and Kason Gabbard. Of all those who've auditioned for the No. 5 spot, these two showed the most promise. Snyder has started out well in each of his starts, and then he usually blows up in the 4th or 5th inning. Put 'em in there for a few innings if a starter has a short outing. Gabbard could be the lefty situation reliever they need.

3) Get a left-handed pinch-hitter for late game situations. And I have just the guy for you -- Todd Walker, now playing for the Cubs. Walker was on the 2003 Red Sox and came up with clutch hit after clutch hit (I remember a huge late-season homer against the Orioles). He's currently mired on the going nowhere Cubs, and could probably be had cheap. When it's Sox-Yanks in late September, and Mariano Rivera is on the hill, who would you rather see at the plate -- Alex Cora or Todd Walker? (Plus, his wife is un-ba-leeeee-vably hot).

Anyway, that's my thinking.

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