Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comings & Goings

I was all excited last night when I heard on the local sports radio station that the Kevin Garnett deal was pretty much done, and that the Red Sox had a decent to good chance of landing Jermaine Dye and Eric Gagne. Of course, these things change like the New England weather. This morning, it appears that the Garnett trade is, indeed, a done deal with just a few formalities to iron out. Theo's pursuit of Dye still seems to be intact, and in the White Sox' court. And the latest news from Texas is that the Rangers are going to try to keep Gagne.

First, allow me to pontificate on the Celtics. As a kid coming of age and following sports in the 1980s, the Celtics - and the Big Three of Bird, Parish, and McHale - were IT. Much like the Patriots and Sox today, they were appointment TV. You didn't want to miss a game because you might see something truly special. That, sadly, has completely vanished through the 1990s and into today, as the Dave Gavitts, M.L. Carrs, and Rick Pitinos of the world - along with some truly shitty luck - drove our cherished franchise into the ground. Today's Celtics team could be playing a pickup game in my driveway and I could care less. With this move, I care again - and there has to be thousands just like me. I may not pony up the dough for season tickets, but I'm gonna be watching and I'll find my way to the Garden a few times. The naysayers worried about giving up Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, et al, just don't get it. This team has been in rebuilding mode for 10 friggin' years. Except for one totally fluke appearance in the Eastern Conference finals against New Jersey, this team has been irrelevant. The East is wide open, and having Pierce, Ray Allen, and Garnett on the same floor - all of whom are chomping at the bit for a championship - should be something to behold. Danny and Doc just saved their jobs. And a former member of that vaunted Big Three - the man from Hibbing, Minnesota with the crazy inside post moves - gets a big assist. One NBA opinion I respect - the Globe's Jackie MacMullan - agrees.

Okay, got that off my chest. Now onto Dye. It's hard to argue with this move, which the most recent reports indicate would involve us shipping Wily Mo and maybe Delcarmen to the White Sox for Dye, who cranked 44 homers last year and drove in 120. The big question is where's he going to play? Has the team lost faith in J.D. Drew, meaning we may see less of him? Do they know something more about Big Papi's injury that could mean Manny or Dye DH's a lot down the stretch? You have to figure Theo's got a plan, and personally I'm all for downsizing J.D.'s playing time. It's been a long enough sample size. Gagne would have been a very nice add (imagine him and Okie Dokie setting up Papelbon?), but it sounds like it may not happen.

Finally, some current events worth noting. The next couple of days could produce some historic milestones around baseball. We all know about Big Head, but Billerica's own Tommy Glavine is sitting on 299 career wins, and A-Rod is one HR away from 500. And last, it should be one hell of a pitchers' duel tonight at Fenway, as the first-place Red Sox get back into action against the Orioles. Josh Beckett vs. lefty Erik Bedard, who's been on fire lately.

A lot of people think that KG can play down low and be a monster in the post but I've watched him play a lot and he spends most of his time throwing up jumpers and floating around the perimeter. With there not really being any other post presence on the team, I'm starting to wonder how successful this team can really be.
the nba is following the nfl west coast offense, that is try to copy cat. the nba is about spreading and using the floor, you can count on one hand teams with true post up centers , and one is a rookie. take the spread offense, win some games, and make beantown a place nba guys want to play for again
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