Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Go Fourth

d rays roster is right, thats the point, there numbers should be included in the allstar conversation c crawford is not having an allstar year, carlos pena is.
hopefully the others start to hit, they might not lose another game.

reflect for a moment, living in the usa, we have no idea how great a country it is with all it's ism's
live in a shack in china, want to live anywhere in the middle east
latin america. I met a girl whose family still lives in the Ukraine...."freedom is great but they are POOR"
happy holiday!
dude do your self a favah...check out
hey - hope you and Kirtie have a good 4th. Isn't sons of same a membership-only site?

You guys doing anything fun today? We're heading into town with Dana to watch the big show from my office building. Should be cool.

What do you think of Ray allen?
I linked to son ofsamhorn...I google imaged "arod's wife" and it linked me to the blog...has all pix of bball wives
biggio's " I'd hit that but not 3000 times"
we are bbq and sarasota fireworks
also we can see 3 different displays of fireworks along the beach from our street at the water!
ray allen,looks like crap..but settle down and I think it help alot for 3 years...opens floor because he's a pro shooter
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