Saturday, July 07, 2007

From the Outhouse to the Penthouse

Less than 24 hours after a complete dismantling of the horrible Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Red Sox traveled to Mitt Romney's "home" state last night to play one of the best teams in baseball. The Tigers have it all - great pitching, studs in the lineup, a good bullpen, and Jim Leyland as manager. Not too shabby. This could be a preview of the ALCS. The Tigers probably feel they have some unfinished business after losing to an inferior St. Louis Cardinals team in last year's World Series.

Last night's opener, unfortunately, didn't go our way. It's almost like the Sox conceded this one before it began. At 4:00, when I heard that Ortiz and Youkilis were out of the lineup and that Jeff Bailey (??) had been called up to spot-start at first, I knew it wasn't going to be a fun night. Tavarez got boxed around pretty good (8 runs) and the Sox couldn't solve young lefty Andrew Miller, who looked pretty impressive. Final score was 9-2, with Marcus Thames' grand slam putting the nail in the coffin. In the final analysis, Tito may have left Tavarez in a little too long. He was getting hit very hard in the 2nd inning, and it was pretty clear to me (3 Coronas in) that he just didn't have it.

The call-up of Bailey - and demotion of Jacoby Ellsbury - also was curious. If the Tigers had had a righty going last night, would the lefty-hitting Ellsbury have stuck around? The kid provided a jolt and got on base. The only thing I can think of is that the organization doesn't want him to get too comfortable and content. Francona really played the 'let's not put him in the Hall of Fame' card in describing why the team made the move. Others have surmised that Ellsbury's backing off a fly ball he was chasing with J.D. Drew showed that he has some things to work on.

The lead is now 11 over both Toronto and the Yankees. Tough one tonight - Kason Gabbard goes against Jeremy Bonderman, who might be feeling a little slighted after not being named to the AL all-star team. Never a good thing.

I'll be at a freaking "Lucky 7" wedding tonight, so the first order of business will be to scope out where the TV is.

who's wedding, I've got one also
kirty is a brides maid with 14 weeks belly, she's a little bumbed about that
she's carrying our alien!
friend of Sharon's from school...

are you guys seriously pregnant? i saw a message earlier but i wasn't sure - if so, CONGRATS!!!
14 weeks...wednesday..jan 9th due date , 12 week ultra sound has a little girl, confirm in 6 weeks.....thanks!
is that mike married with a kid on the way. congratulations dude!!! that's awesome!

An AL scout told my friend at the Sox that he ranks the best teams this year in terms of pure talent in order as follows:
1) Tigers
2) Anaheim
3) Seattle
4) Red Sox
Wow... Kampy's blog is breaking news! Mikey - shoot me your home phone # to

Putting Seattle that high surprises me, but how can you not be worried about what will happen with the Sox when the real games begin? The AL Least is horrible. Just heard that Manny is sitting out today against a lefty... the BS is starting.
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