Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just Like Old Times

Alright, I'm excited so I had to jump on and do a little live blogging. Remember how I wondered if the Sox and Devil Rays might rekindle their dislike for each other this week? The history between the two teams is filled with beanball moments. Brian Daubach. Roberto Hernandez. Gerald Williams rushing Pedro in what I believe ended up being a one-hitter. Trot letting the bat slip in the general direction of Ryan Rupe. See, I don't forget.

And while the players and coaching staffs may change over time, neither do they. The Sox right now are throttling the poor D-Rays, 13-2, and we're only in the 4th inning. Josh Beckett just threw a 95-mph fastball that hit Jonny Gomes flush in the elbow and Gomes was not pleased. Can you blame him? That's gotta hurt like hell and he has to run by the guy who just did it and politely take his base? Easy for us to say. Anyway, Gomes had a few words with Beckett on his way down to first so we'll see if this develops into anything (why do I feel like an ambulance chaser?). When NESN cut to commercial, former D-Ray Julio Lugo was talking with Gomes.

Woop... we're in the bottom of the 5th now and Shawn Camp just came in high and tight on Mike Lowell... I'm bad. I'm rooting for a brawl. We're only playing these guys 16 more frickin' times so something's bound to happen at some point.

What the hell is the Devil Ray mascot doing at Fenway? Him (her?) and Wally are raising havoc on top of the third-base dugout...

More later, unless this game puts me to sleep which is very possible.

its a he "raymond"

he and wally have a love triangle going on with the phanatic! were the fireworks?
Ah, sorry about that. Dana loves Wally. Fireworks were unbelievable - Mellencamp was good but I'm sick of that Chevy ad song. Weird having a big holiday in the middle of the week.
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