Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Triumphant Return

Last night was one of those occasions when the toy department known as the sports world collided with what really matters in life. After almost a year of uncertainty and hard work, Jon Lester - who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma last August - returned to the mound for the Red Sox in storybook fashion. The young lefty threw six solid innings at a good Cleveland Indians team and took home the win, 6-2. It was great to see the Lester family in the stands in Cleveland, cheering and fist-pumping at key moments.

Getting back to the toy department for a minute, the Sox have now reeled off four straight wins against the White Sox and Indians, and have their two aces - Dice-K and Beckett - lined up the next two nights. While the Yankees have been mopping the floor with the pathetic Devil Rays and (last night) the Royals, they haven't been able to penetrate Boston's lead. For us (fingers crossed), things are only going to get better. Curt Schilling was dominant in his first rehab start for Pawtucket and will go at it again Thursday night before team decides when he should return. With Lester up, Julian Tavarez has been moved to the 'pen, which should make the relief corps stronger. They're winning without Big Papi, who hurt his shoulder belly-sliding into second base on the weekend, and he's due to return tonight or tomorrow. And everyone's still wondering what Theo will do at the trading deadline. It seems like we've got a pretty nice surplus of pitching to deal for a quality bat or two.

Good matchup in Cleveland tonight, with Matsuzaka going against C.C. Sabathia.

nice story! when everything is steroids and will the commish attend etc....
Why are you calling yourself "Kirsten" these days?

Great pitching last night - one of the more entertaining 1-0 games in recent memory.

How'd you like to be the commish of a major sport right now? The guy running the NHL has got the easiest job but nobody cares about his league!
google switched my name
.....sox melt down??/ historical proportions again....ortiz scared me when he said no problem back in may.....real story southeast brick pavers opens up 2-0, i'm batting a cool .625 after my 4/4 sunday(took me 3 days to recover)
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