Monday, July 16, 2007

Gabbard Makes a Case to Stay

Certainly can't quibble with the pitching performances the last two days. Josh Beckett lost a tough one yesterday, 2-1, in the weekend series finale against Toronto, and Kason Gabbard is making it look easy tonight against the perenially-bad-but-scrappy Kansas City Royals. We're currently in the 8th inning, Sox are up 4-0 behind homers from Pedroia, Manny, and Papi, and we're wondering if Tito will send Gabbard out to finish it off in the ninth. I predict no.

We're reporting to you, by the way, live from the Cape of Cod - specifically the charming sea captain's town of Brewster (right above the elbow in that aerial shot to the left). On a little vacation with the wife and kids, and managing to get some baseball viewing in between trips for ice cream, fried clams and the beach. I must say - I'm very disappointed so far in summer. It's either been 95 degrees or low 70's, which is too cool to stay in the water for too long. But hell, it's vacation. Work is the furthest thing from my mind. And that's always a good thing.

Manny's up now with 2 down in the home half of the 8th, and he grounds out to third. Lo and behold, Gabbard is coming out for the ninth. One hit or walk and he's likely gone. The Sox' lead by the way, has slipped into single-digits as the Yankees are now 9 games back. Still feels okay, but if it gets down to 5 that's a different story.

Two down now in the Royals' 9th -- Gabbard has the last batter 0-2 and is looking for a rare complete game. The fans are going craaaaaazy. And he gets Mark Teahen swinging. A very tidy ballgame. Could Julian Tavarez be headed for the 'pen in favor of Gabbard?

happy vaca
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