Friday, February 22, 2008

ESPN: Frauds

More proof that ESPN has a total anti-Patriots bias in terms of the Spygate story. At 10 p.m. on Friday night, the lead story on - the No. 1 story on the most-read sports website in the world - was a headline that read 'Specter says Patriots "stonewalling" Spygate probe.' Written, ahem, by Mike Fish, which I'm becoming more and more convinced is really Ron Borges' new pseudonym. The Specter "story" is nowhere to be found on the front pages of or CBS Sportsline or The Worldwide Leader is rapidly becoming a worldwide joke.

manny!!! I agree...dunn..who needs 40hr w/250avg and many a to watch him in bp though...i'll try to papparazzi jr's wife ..
how bout early picks...who wins the nl east???
dunn is a freak of nature - pretty cool you've been able to see him so much in spring training.

how's the parenting going?

I think you have to consider the Mets the prohibitive favorites with Santana
parenting tough....mastitis turns to thrush long 6 weeks for her and 1/2 long for is fine!thanks
unh's ty conklin is playing well in pittsburgh ... let's follow the penguins during the sports dead spot.
- not-so-loyal B's season tix holder.
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