Sunday, February 03, 2008

Last Call

We're six hours away and counting to the start of Super Bowl XLII. Finally, some football. Figured I'd throw up one more post before I start pouring booze down my gullet.

All the TV shows are wire to wire right now, which is pretty cool. I'll probably stick with Fox for most of the day, over the Spygate-obsessed ESPN - that beacon of journalism. Anyway, the Pats are favored by around 12, and that will probably go up as people think the Pats will be extra-motivated to show just how f'ing good they are. Tough call. I could see a blowout; I could see a field goal game.

I'll go with Patriots 33, Giants 19. I think Laurence Maroney does some special things today, and I'm predicting a pick by a Patriot d-back for a touchdown. In the end, the Pats' performance today gives the haters one gigantic middle finger.

check my friday post.....o line d line....had a feeling...that d line is like the bucs speed plus a whole lot of power
good call by you. Giants d-line should have been voted MVP. tough game to watch - still painful. but totally give the giants their due - they played a good game. In some ways, it's amazing the Pats hung in so long.
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