Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lovely Miss Erin

No guessing game needed here. ESPN's Erin Andrews is one of the hardest-working sideline reporters in the business, and easily one of the most attractive. She goes into a college football or basketball Saturday knowing full well that she's going to be fawned over by drunk frat boys, and yet she handles it all so well. Oh, and to my pal who requested a picture of Erin? I know she's a Gator backer. You Gators are all alike.

gator girls are hot.... and put out
no on fbb??m
I now wish for throw back jaclyn smith...oh what an angel
you want to write this blog?!? I don't think I'll stay involved in fbb so don't want to disappoint you. i'm staying in my other league which takes up a lot of time
no i like reading this blog...modern media allows connecting with your target market(males 27-55??)and in order to grow your readership , one must be flexible and GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT...Jaclyn!!! p.s. sports by brooks is my favorite link thank you happy day
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