Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making Our Way through the Dead Zone with Hoops, Pucks & Babes

Good story by SI's Tom Verducci on the Clemens steroids hearing fiasco. Verducci's good at organizing the chaos into coherency, even if he does go a little overboard sometimes, like with the groin liniment and what have you. Yeah, enough said on that. Still, a good look into Roger's brain from a guy who has spent some time with him. The only conclusion you can draw is that Clemens is a first-rate liar, and a first-rate mental midget.


I'm still not over the Patriots' loss - my latest whine is with the bomb Brady threw to Moss on the second to last play; all Moss had to do was stretch his arms out a little bit... (easy for me to say watching on DVR with a cocktail in my hand...)

Speaking of Moss, news out of Foxborough today was that the team didn't franchise tag him, which most seem to think means that they're close to agreeing on a multi-year deal.


I've decided that besides looking at hot chicks during the sports dead zone, I'm throwing my sports allegiance mostly to two places: the Celtics and the UNH Wildcat men's hockey team. The Celtics are again a treat to watch, and have a legitimate chance of getting to the Finals. Garnett is more amazing on D than I ever thought. I'm on board, even though they're 0-2 (losses to Denver and Golden State) since I started watching. The game against the Warriors set an attendance record for most fans to see a basketball game (more than 20,000) in California state history. And yes, the other team is a college hockey team that I know you don't give a rat's ass about. But do me a favor over the next month - if you see a college hockey game as you're flipping through the channels, give it a shot. It's good stuff. And UNH - my alma mater - may finally have a team that can do some damage in the postseason. They're currently ranked 3rd in the country, behind No. 1 Michigan and No. 2 North Dakota.

And here's the best part - if you just so happen to be a huge Celtics/UNH Wildcat fan like I am, tomorrow night is a huge night. UNH plays No. 7 BC in a big game on NESN, and then at 10:30 it's Garnett and the C's against the Suns and the Big Aristotle.


Oh, alright... here's another babe for you to identify. Hint: she's got something in common with a player from the last and only NFL team to have a perfect season.

she likes cocaine like mercury?
she likes munchen bunchen like brady? she doesnt go out on friday nights without a hoodie?
she's pure as snow see number 1

reds camp sat...dunn bombs
she's the Mercury car spokeschick/Mercury Morris - you were on the right track.

Manny is going to have a HUGE year. Dunn is our era's Dave Kingman. Love to see him bashing balls at Fenway.

UNH hockey leading BC 1-0. They might be for real this year.
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