Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Still Not There Yet

So we're now three days past the apocalypse, and I still can't bring myself to read the sports page or re-watch the game. I actually started to watch the game again tonight on the DVR, enjoyed Jordin Sparks' anthem, watched the coin flip, and then I went into convulsions. No, just kidding - but I'm still obviously not ready to get past this.

Anyway, we're now officially in the famous dead zone of sports - that period after the Super Bowl and before spring training. Yeah, there's pro and college hoops and hockey, and I guess the Celtics are now worth watching. But it still feels boring compared to the annual hysteria that is the Red Sox and Patriots. Maybe this is best for all of us -- a sort of enforced cooling down period. You know, go on vacation somewhere warm, spend more time with family and friends... look at beautiful women. My gift to you, my loyal readership of 2, is that I pledge to post at least one picture of a lovely lady on the site per week. Your job is to identify who it is. Have at it. A clue: this babe and the Patriots have a four-letter word in common - and no, it's not an expletive.

dude, get more readers....daily pix's moroon...4 letter word"hand" she's got man hands like mankins....did I win....dude post from!!!! that'll keep us coming......7days
hmmm... you're right... somehow I wasn't looking at her hand.
i wasnt looking at the hand ......then i did... no i can't look anyore.....hand/hand/hand

oh "lost"
neither the bitty nor the pats have a ring on their finger this year.
p.s. could you fire up a a pix of scarlett? that might help ease the pain and get you 3 readers.
Nice - "Lost" it is. Evangeline and the Pats. Like the Scarlett suggestion - she's in the rotation -don't worry.
first fantasy bball league started... great core group involved for 162 yahoo league you interested, yahoo works!! where about 8 strong need 4 more mlb
suckers!! bout hot sport etc...
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