Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And Down Goes Don O... Down Goes Don O...

I've written before how overrated and plastic Don Orsillo is, and how Jerry Remy completely carries him. Chad Finn - who writes the excellent "Touching All the Bases" blog - said it best when he termed Orsillo a "vinyl-covered automaton." Perfect. When you consider all of the great Red Sox broadcasters over the years - doesn't it piss you off that this all-cover, no-book phony just walked in and won the holy grail in such a short time? Anyway, Don O said something stupid tonight and Jerry called him on it.

Sox starter David Pauley - who was called up from AA Portland to make his ML debut - was pitching pretty well through the 4th inning, and his mates had staked him to a nice 7-2 lead. Just what a nervous rookie needs. Unfortunately, things unraveled in the Jays' half of the fifth inning and Pauley gave up four runs to make it 7-6. Francona took the kid out and Pauley was a complete wreck. Screaming the F-bomb, holding the towel over his head, I think I may have even seen him cry on his way to the dugout.

The NESN cameras, of course, zoomed in on Pauley and Don O's first instinct was to say that Pauley was pissed because he wouldn't qualify for his first professional appearance and first win. Remy cuts in and says, "that's not even remotely entering his mind right now. The guy just lost a big lead and let the Blue Jays climb back into it." Nicely done, RemDawg, although you can't really blame Don O. He's so programmed, he doesn't know what's coming out of his mouth half the time. Okay, maybe three-quarters of the time.

Sox just turned a huge double play to preserve their 8-6 lead over Toronto. Fourth double play of the game - two of which have been highlight-reel caliber from Alex Gonzalez. Manny, Papi, Trot, and Loretta have gone deep.

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