Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cause for Concern?

The report of Roger Clemens finally signing with Houston amplified what is quickly becoming a problem for our hometown team - starting pitching. As of today, May 31, 2006, I'd say we have a total of 2 reliable starters (Schilling 1, Beckett 1/2, Wake 1/2). And with the last two, and sometimes even the Big Schill himself, you just don't know what you're going to get each start. With David Wells sitting out a turn, we now turn our eyes toward David Pauley, Double-A pitcher at Portland, who is the only thing standing between a humiliating sweep by the Blue Jays and a salvage win for the Sox.

Beckett has been a puzzle this year. Absolutely dominant at times, but the longball is killing him. He gave up four bombs last night (two to Sox killer Vernon Wells), and then David Risky gave up another to Wells late in the game for a grand total of five home runs. U-g-l-y. It's hard for the offense to keep the team in the game with that type of pitching, a point that David Ortiz made to the Globe last night.

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