Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sox (Ho-Hum) Beat O's, Yanks Storm Back, Barry Bighead Drilled

Sox took another one from Baltimore last night, but at least had to work a little harder. Final score was 6-5. Schilling continued to give up the longballs, but the bats kept coming back led by good nights from Trot and Mark Loretta (3 hits). Manny went deep.

Their lead over the Yanks would have been bigger this morning, except for one tiny little fact. The Rangers bullpen SUCKS. Texas had a 9-0 lead after two innings, and they proceeded to spend the next few hours coughing it up in a big way. Yankees came all the way back to win 14-13.

In national news, Barry continues to search for #714 to tie the Babe (hurts to type). Did you see how Astros pitcher Russ Springer welcomed Barry to town?

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